Friday, July 12, 2013

Ten Years of the Strings@ar Network Workshop

Estimados Colegas y Amigos,

Tenemos el agrado de anunciar la realización del evento de conmemoración de los 10 años de la Red de Física Teórica Strings@ar:

Ten Years of the Strings@ar Network Workshop

Se realizará durante dos días, incluyendo seminarios de 30 minutos y 5 minutos de preguntas. El primer día será el martes 16 de julio en la CCT-La Plata, en calle 8 entre 62 y 63, La Plata. El segundo día será el miércoles 17 de julio, en el IAFE, Ciudad Universitaria de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. La pagina web del evento se puede encontrar aquí

Esperamos verlos en el workshop. Un cordial saludo,

Jose Edelstein
Nicolas Grandi
Carmen Nuñez
Martin Schvellinger

Ten Years of the Strings@ar Network Workshop

This workshop is organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Argentinean Network for String Theory and Theoretical Physics, Strings@ar.

Since its beginning in June 2003, the Strings@ar network hosted more than fifty one-day meetings, including more than two hundred seminars delivered by specialists. There are more than fifty senior and junior Argentinean researchers, post-docs and research students, working in the country and abroad, who are associated with this network. During the last ten years the Strings@ar network has served as a natural framework to develop joint seminars between the string theory groups at the Universities of La Plata
and Buenos Aires. The Strings@ar network organized several national and international conferences: the Ten Years of AdS/CFT conference (Buenos Aires, Dec 2007), the International School in Quantum Gravity (La Plata, July 2010), the Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone V conference (Buenos Aires, July 2010), the Workshop on Applications of Holography (La Plata, Nov 2011) and the Advanced Topics on String Theory Workshop (Buenos Aires, Nov 2012).

This workshop will bring together theoretical physicists, post-docs and advanced research students working on different areas of theoretical physics, including string theory, gravity, cosmology, quantum field theory, theoretical particle physics and phenomenology. It will be held at the Science and Technology Centre at the city of La Plata (Centro Científico Tecnológico-CCT La Plata), which belongs to the National Scientific Research Council (CONICET) of Argentina, on July 16th; and at the Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio (IAFE-CONICET) at the University of Buenos Aires campus, on July 17th.

The program is as follows.

Ten Years of the Strings@Ar Network Workshop

Day 1, July 16th, CCT-La Plata

10:00–10:15 hs: José Edelstein (U. Santiago de Compostela)

10:15–10:50 hs: Héctor Vucetich (UNLP)
Ondas o particulas

10:50–11:20 hs: Coffee

11:20–11:55 hs: Martin Schvellinger (IFLP)
SYM plasmas and AdS/CFT

11:55–12:30 hs: Walter Baron (IFLP)
Holographic thermalization

12:30–14:30 hs: Lunch

14:30–15:05 hs: Carmen Núñez (IAFE)
What is double field theory?

15:05–15:40 hs: Daniel López Fogliani (DF-UBA)
Superymmetry: Model variants, LHC phenomenology, neutrino physics and dark matter

15:40–16:15 hs: Nicolás Grandi (IFLP)
Invariant tensors as a macroscopic memory of microscopic structure

16:15–16:45 hs: Coffee


Day 2, July 17th, IAFE-UBA

10:00–10:35 hs: Oscar Bedoya (IAFE)
Sigma Model in the pure spinor formalism

10:35–11:10 hs: Guillermo Silva (IFLP)
Wilson loops in ABJM

11:10–11:40 hs: Coffee

11:40–12:15 hs: Osvaldo Santillán (DM-UBA)
Cancellation mechanisms and the vacuum energy problem

12:15–12:50 hs: Alan Garbarz (DF-UBA)
AdS3 gravity and its space of solutions

12:50–14:50 hs: Lunch

14:50–15:25 hs: Ezequiel Alvarez (DF-UBA)
Looking at the LHC for a warped/composite model that addresses LEP & Tevatron 3rd generation anomalies

15:25–16:00 hs: Norberto Scoccola (TANDAR)
Phase diagram of strongly interacting matter under intense magnetic fields

16:00–16:15 hs: Nicolás Grandi (IFLP)
Closing remarks on the Strings@ar Network

16:15–16:45 hs: Coffee

Jose Edelstein
Nicolas Grandi
Carmen Nuñez
Martin Schvellinger

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