Tuesday, August 16, 2016

67º Encuentro de la red Strings@ar

Estimados colegas y amigos:

Tenemos el agrado de anunciar el 67º encuentro de la red Strings@Ar, a realizarse el jueves 25 de agosto en el IAFE, Ciudad Universitaria de Buenos Aires, CABA.

El programa se detalla a continuación:

9:45-10:00hs  Apertura

10:00-11:00hs  Damián Galante
"Shape dependence of holographic Rényi entropies"

Rényi entropies in a QFT can be computed in principle using the replica trick, which amounts to the insertion of a co-dimension two twist operator in the path-integral. In a conformal field theory in the vacuum state, the effect of small shape deformations around a spherical or flat entangling surface is encoded in a piece of CFT data associated to this defect. A method to extract this quantity holographically in general dimensions is described. The result of this computation shows that previous conjectures (based on free field theory results) do not hold for holographic theories. Based on arXiv:1607.07418.

11:00-11:30hs  Cafe

11:30-12:30hs  Emmanuel Malek
"EFT, gauged SUGRAs and dualising IIA/IIB truncations"

Abstract: I will review the basics of exceptional field theories before discussing their connection to maximal gauged SUGRAs. I will then show how the framework can be used to deduce a ``duality'' between certain maximal gauged SUGRAs. This will be shown explicitly for seven-dimensional and four-dimensional gauged SUGRAs where the duality relates IIA / IIB truncations on the same sphere / hyperboloidal backgrounds, although in seven dimensions the resulting gauged SUGRAs are inequivalent.

12:30-14:00hs  Almuerzo

14:00-15:00hs  Sebastián Franchino-Viñas
"Worldline Formalism and Noncommutative Theories"

Noncommutative quantum field theories are probably one of the most important candidates to be an effective theory of quantum gravity. On the other hand, the Worldline Formalism possesses great advantages in comparison with a Feynman's diagram analysis of a theory. We then show how to implement the worldline formalism in noncommutative theories. The result is a master formula for the 1-loop effective action that is applied to a number of scalar models -- among them the Grosse-Wulkenhaar model. This model has some unusually kind properties of renormalization. As a byproduct we find an expression for the small propertime expansion of general nonlocal operators' Heat Kernel.

15:00-15:30hs  Cafe

15:30-16:30hs  Víctor Penas
"Dual Double Field Theory"

We present the dual formulation of double field theory at the linearized level. This is a classically equivalent theory describing the duals of the dilaton, the Kalb-Ramond field and the graviton in a T-duality or O(D, D) covariant way.The resulting theory encodes fields in mixed Young-tableau representations, combining them into an antisymmetric 4-tensor under O(D, D).

Esperamos verlos el jueves 25/8.